Friday, September 13, 2013

While I Was Out

I just got back from my trip to England and Wales and a lot happened in the garden while I was gone!  Mostly, everything grew...a lot.  Including the weeds.  They are everywhere.  I also found caterpillars in my cantaloupe and snail and slug damage on the sweet potato leaves.  

And speaking of sweet potatoes...

They've been on the prowl and are taking over!  I trimmed these vines back to the bed boundaries before I left and this is how I found them today.  Some of the vines grew over five feet-that's over six inches a day!  Since I'm planting fall/winter crops in these beds soon, I will need to dig them up and get them into storage.

I'm planning on working in the garden this weekend and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done.  I've got beds to build for potatoes and garlic, tomato plants that need to be pruned and cuttings rooted, seeds to be started, seedlings to be transplanted, trees to be pruned, everything needs spraying with bt and neem oil then given a good feeding of organic fertilizer, and the whole garden needs the paths mulched.  I also need to weed all the landscape beds, stake the blackberry canes, espalier the apple trees and plant two avocado trees that I impulsively took home today (it's a sickness).  Of course, before I can plant those trees, I have to clear the fallen oak trees, overgrown brush, firewood logs and a child's electric jeep ride on toy.  

Work starts tomorrow morning at sun up.  The forecasted high is 91.  One task at a time...

Thanks for reading!

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