Friday, September 20, 2013

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Not much got done in the garden today; I actually had to work.  I'm pretty fortunate to own my own business and work from home.  I get to set my own hours and can work from my kitchen table in front of the windows that overlook the garden.   The problem with that is I, sometimes, get distracted by the view beyond those windows and I end up putting the work aside to play outside.  That was the case this week.  A combination of nice weather and a vacation mindset (even though we've been back for over a week), kept me from completing the stuff that actually brings in a paycheck.  

I got a late start after school drop off because I stopped to help a turtle cross the road and then help a little white dog find his owners.  Poor thing was so scared, but very sweet, and his owners drove by calling for him about ten minutes later.  It must be wayward animal day in my neighborhood. 

So, today was a day to hunker down and get everything finished.  I used the dining room table (not much of a view out that window) to keep me on task.

Luckily, I had help (she says sarcastically).

This is my daughter's kitty, Princess.  When my daughter is at school, Princess follows me around.  She tries to pretend like I am her favorite, but she drops me like third period French as soon as my daughter walks in the door.   When I'm working, she tends to sit on my work and get in the way.  Today was no different.  These construction company logos took twice as long as usual because she kept attacking my hands as I worked.  I did have a good laugh or two at her expense when she backed up while playing with a balled up wad of discarded vinyl and fell off the table.  I am pretty sure laughing at the kitty used up all the good karma I built up this morning, but I couldn't help myself!

I did take a few minutes to snap a couple pics of the garden:

I found lots of little butternuts.  This is Early Butternut grown from seed planted directly in the garden on Aug 19.  There are at least a dozen of these little guys. 

Cucumbers.  My favorite variety Alibi-an almost sweet, small cucumber great for fresh eating or pickling.  They always are the first to bloom and they produce well.  These were planted the same day as the butternuts.  There are not many things cuter than baby cukes!  Mixed in with them are some watermelon that self seeded.

Here is my two sisters bed consisting of squash and beans.  On the back trellis are the Christmas Lima beans that have grown over my head (and I'm 5'9) in the three weeks since planting the seeds!   Everywhere there are squash plants, there are beans in the same bed.  The pumpkins are Lil Pumpkemon; a small, early decorative variety that are white with green and orange stripes.  The description said "strong, vigorous, early maturing vines" so I planned to train them up and over the trellis, but they look distinctly bushy.  The spaghetti squash description said "plan for 5-6 foot vines" so  I planted in two spots and planned to let them fill in the bed.  They look VERY vigorous and I have a feeling they are gonna travel.  Good thing the beds to the right are empty until garlic goes in this winter.  I'll let the vines travel in that direction.  The squash should be harvested just in time to plant garlic.

Tomorrow is a busy family day so I probably won't get out to the garden until Sunday.  I plan to add some worm castings and Azomite to all the fall beds and, weather permitting, harvest one of the three remaining beds of sweet potatoes.  I also hope to bake banana bread and make some broccoli cheddar soup.  I may get one of those things done, lol!  Look for the banana bread recipe tomorrow.  It's my favorite and oh so good.  

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