Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvest Monday-September 30, 2013

Another harvest Monday!  As usual, I had an assortment of peppers:  Tabasco, serrano, fajita bell and Yummy Snacking.  Tabasco and Yummy Snacking peppers are really loaded with fruit and have grown over five feet tall!  The others are starting to wind down for the season, I believe.
I also dug up two of three sweet potato beds.  One bed was filled with Beauregards and the other with Vardamon.  The Vardemons are a bush variety and I did notice that the vines, although they looked the same, were not nearly as long as the Beauregards.  What was so different, was that the Vardemon sweet potatoes dug deep down into the soil.  Most were found at least six inches down and quite a few had made it through the landscape fabric that lines the raised beds and were growing underneath.  Although I only weighed the total crop and not by type (yet), I would say they were, roughly, equal.  All in all, today I harvested 33 pounds of sweet potatoes.  Some were tiny and some were...

not so tiny!
Most were average in size, but odd in shape.

I found this little guy hanging out in the shade of the leaves. I moved him to another bed to
continue with his bug destroying work.

Hope everyone else had a great harvest and thanks to Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday every week!

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  1. Great harvest, but I love the toad the most :-)

    Last year I brought a toad from my daughter's, and tried to establish a residence for him in my garden. I even made him a little toad house under the lilies. He, hopped away. I never saw him again.

    1. That toad has been in the same bed all summer. I put it in an adjacent bed so I hope it's happy there and stays. Today my son and I found a few others and he was so excited! I've got LOTS of bugs to keep them happy this time of year.