Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today in the Garden

Once I got the kids off to school, I grabbed a few essentials and headed out into the garden.

Lots of activity this morning here in the Sanctuary Garden.  All the seeds I planted last Friday have germinated and I look forward to a fall crop of zucchini and cucumbers since I didn't get a single one this spring.  My zucchini got sick and I simply forgot to plant the cukes!  It's not a big deal, though, I should get a pretty decent harvest before it starts getting chilly here.  

The bees and wasps were out pollinating like crazy (thank you for your hard work, guys).  This big guy was spotted on the potted Calamondin.

If you've never heard of these, check them out.  They are described as an "acid orange" with a taste more like a lime.  According to the Seminole County Extension office, they are used as a lime substitute in pies and make wonderful marmalades.  I haven't tried them in cooking or processing yet, but I can say they are great squeezed into a cold glass of water or tea!  They also fruit year round and can have mature fruit, unripened fruit and new blooms all at the same time.  Mine has bloomed every single day that I've had it-about 4 months.  It pulls in the bees better than any other plant in my garden.

Other things I spotted in my morning garden walk:

Several baby cantaloupes...

JalapeƱos still dripping with the morning's dew...

Cocozelle squash (zucchini)...

A beautiful basil flower...



I'm not sure how much I'll get for roasting, but it would be great even if I only got one cup of Sanctuary Garden blend brew!

What's going in on in your gardens this morning?

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