Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Years in the Making

I started my garden in February 2011 as a way to escape from some pretty nasty things going on in my life.  I named it The Sanctuary Garden because it truly was a place of sanctuary for me.  I also happen to live on a street named Sanctuary Garden so it kinda made sense (and bonus points for the double meaning).

I started small, with a 4'x8' raised bed and tried to follow the principles of Mel Bartholomew and his square foot gardening method.  I loved the Mel's mix, although expensive to start, but I soon decided to branch out in both size of the garden and growing technique.  I currently grow veggies and herbs in twelve raised beds, 13 self watering containers, and several pots.  I also have lots of fruit bushes and trees.  I grow everything organically in my suburban yard under the watchful eyes of a strict HOA and, mostly, behind a privacy fence. 

Even though I've had three years to build my sanctuary, I am learning every single day.  I have become very passionate about growing food for my family.  I hope to share what I learn with you and pass on the passion!

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