Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Planting

The weather warmed up and the temps are supposed to be in the 50's at night for the next several days, so today, I took the opportunity to plant some stuff out in the garden.  I sowed some pea seeds-Sugar Snap and Lincoln, and transplanted a bunch of lettuce-Iceberg, Romaine and Buttercrisp along with Bright Lights Swiss chard.  I pulled up the  broccoli plants that had stopped producing side shoots and replanted more broccoli and cabbage in their places.  I filled six 4x4 beds with seeds and plants and it felt great!  I also got a small amount of my seed garlic planted in some large planters.  Tomorrow, I need to finish planting all the garlic, shallots, leeks and onions. I'm about six weeks late planting the garlic but I kept it in the fridge so hoping it will still bulb up.  

I think I will also plant the potatoes tomorrow.  Last year I planted in mid February, but thinking if I planted a little early, I might be able to harvest before it gets wet in the spring.  I may have to cover them if we get some late freezes, but a lot of locals plant in January (or earlier), so I'm giving it a try.

While I'm out there, I'll have the kids plant carrots and radishes, too.  Busy planting weekend in the Sanctuary Garden!

No pictures today, it was dark by the time I finished so I'll snap a few in the morning.

Have a good night:)


  1. Oh, that sounds like a great day! I wish it was spring up here in the NW. My potato plants all froze last year. They looked black and dead, and I was afraid I'd lost them all. Nope. The new green leaves soon emerged, and I ended up with an excellent potato crop! I always plant mine mid-March here, and it was the first time I'd ever had them freeze.

  2. Good to know your potatoes withstood the temps! I will, hopefully, get mine in tomorrow. I received the seeds on Friday, thanks again! Started the homestead and eggplant. My mother in law loves it, so she can have the fruits and I can have the pretty purple blooms; a win-win.